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Schedule your next field trip with us & connect your students with where their food comes from! 


We are able to accommodate groups of all ages and sizes. Each piece of the tour can be tailored to the group's needs. 


What size of group can you host?

We host individuals to groups of 100! If your group is larger than 100, it may need to split into two sessions or special arrangements must be made. We will divide your group into small groups and move through the visit in rotations.

How long does the tour last?

Depending on the size of the group, you can plan on spending an hour and a half to two hours here.

How much does it cost?

4-H groups and school field trips will be charged $2 per person. 

What grade is appropriate to bring?

All! We have hosted anywhere from PreK to College students. We can adjust each part of the tour to make the content age appropriate for the group.

Can we have lunch there?

While we only provide a yogurt snack, you are welcome to enjoy a packed lunch. However, there will be a charge of $1 per student if lunch is eaten here as we must allow for more time and cleaning. 


How many students to adults is recommended?

We suggest 1 adult for every 10 students. However, preschools and daycares may require more adults.


Each of these will be tailored to the group's age level. We've hosted PreK-College classes.

FLOOR 1: Families Behind MVP & Regenerative Farming Students will learn about the two families that own MVP Dairy through video, wall display or interactive game. We will discuss manure managment, soil health and the importance of regerative agriculture. We will also view our milk truck bay through a window.

FLOOR 2: The Milking Parlor Students will view the cows being milked and understand the milking process. They will get to step out onto our viewing deck for a closer look at the carousel. There is a mock calf to bottle feed and a mock cow to hand milk. Students will get to feel a real milking unit and play an interactive game about genetics.

FLOOR 2: YOGURT SNACK Grades Kindergarten-6th will play a grocery game identifying which common products contain dairy. Everyone will get to enjoy a yogurt snack. After that, they can explore a virtual grocery store or play matching games. Grades 6 and aboove will get to play 2 virtual reality games if time allows.

BARN SHUTTLE Take a 30 minute ride through our freestall barns. We will discuss dairy cows' habits, diets, and comfortStudents and guests are not permitted to touch the cows for safety and biosecurity, and we will remain on the shuttle.


Teachers and chaperones are expected to stay with students at all times and assist in maintaining a quiet volume and positive learning environment. Group leaders are expected to have their group divided as instructed by a Dairy Learning Center Team Member prior to their arrival. If lunch is eaten here, students must clean up all trash and wipe down tables.

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