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Do I need to schedule an appointment?

No appointment is required, but are strongly recommended to ensure the best experience. For shuttles, appointments are always required. We frequently host large groups, and we may not be able to accommodate you without an appointment.

Is the tour self-guided?

While some of the Learning Center can be self-guided, a tour guide will be present to answer any questions you have. 

Do I need to wear special attire?

Even if you are going through the barns, you will stay on the shuttle for safety and biosecurity. Inside the Dairy Learning Center, there is not much walking, but we do recommend close-toed shoes.

Do I get to go in the barns?

For a tour of the free-stall barns, you must have a scheduled group of 12 or more people. If you'd like a shuttle, but have a smaller group, we may be able to pair you with others, but a shuttle cannot be guaranteed. 

Is poor weather an issue?

Nope! The Learning Center and milking parlor is all inside, and the tour through our freestall barns is on a shuttle. However, in extreme cases we may need to reschedule for safety.

How long is the tour?

You can expect to spend about an hour in the Dairy Learning Center. Times vary depending on questions asked, interest level, and visitor age. If you are part of a group shuttle, that is an additional 30 minutes.

How many people do I need for a tour?

We host anywhere from individuals to groups of 100+! If you want to go through the free-stall barns you must have a scheduled group of 12 or more. 

Is the tour handicap accessible?

Yes! We have an elevator as the Learning Center has different levels and our shuttle is equipped with a ramp if you are going through the barns.

Is there a gift shop?

Yes! We sell shirts, cups, stickers, stuffed animals, keychains and more! Cash and card are accepted.

Do I get to pet the cows?

Unfortunately, due to safety and biosecurity we do not allow visitors to pet the cows or calves.

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